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181 W. Meadow Drive | Vail,
CO 81657 | (970) 479-7218
Cardiopulmonary medicine
deals with the heart and
lungs, specializing in
respiratory care, cardiology,
(EER) and sleep services.
Cardiopulmonary Services
provides diagnostic and
therapeutic interventions to
routine and critical care clients.
Dr. Samuel Brescia from Rocky
Mountain Pediatric Cardiology
offers a pediatric cardiology
clinic, assisting patients with
suspected or known heart
disease from newborn to
age 18. The clinic includes:
cardiac stress testing, echo
testing, cardiac monitoring,
pediatric cardiology clinic
and sleep disorder center.
Internal Medicine
(970) 477-3090
320 Beard Creek Road
Edwards, CO 81632
377 Sylvan Lake Road
Eagle, CO 81631
730 North Summit Boulevard
#102 | Frisco, CO 80443
108 South Frontage Road
West, Suite 306
Vail, CO 81657
Internal medicine deals with
the prevention, diagnosis and
treatment of diseases in adults
of all ages with no problem
being too big or too small. Drs.
Lawrence Gaul and Dennis
Lipton are board-certified
internal medicine physicians,
passionate about helping
people live healthier lives.
Traveler’s Clinic
230 Chapel Place, Unit
D 101 | Avon, CO 81620
(970) 569-7715
The Travelers Clinic is a
full-service provider of
immunizations, travel
medication prescriptions,
medical advice and
documentation for world
travelers. Immunizations
offered: Hepatitis A & B,
Influenza, Yellow Fever, Measles,
Mumps, Rubella, Varicella,
Rabies, Meningococcal
Disease, Tetanus/Diphtheria,
Japanese Encephalitis,
Polio, Typhoid Fever and
Pneumococcal Disease.
Laboratory & blood work
181 W. Meadow Drive | Vail,
CO 81657 | (970) 479-7280
Walk-ins welcome:
Mon – Sun, 7 AM – 8 PM
Vail Valley Medical Center Labo-
ratory, which runs around the
clock, conducts tests on speci-
mens, like blood and body flu-
ids, in order to get information
about the health of a patient
as pertaining to the diagnosis,
treatment and prevention of
disease. Examples include: Test-
ing blood for ‘markers’ to de-
termine if a patient has certain
types of cancer or had a heart
attack; Growing and identifying
types of bacteria to determine
what is causing a patient’s
infection; Testing to find
‘compatible’ blood for patients
that need blood transfusions.
Health Clinic
230 Chapel Place, Unit
D 101 | Avon, CO 81620
(970) 569-7715
181 West Meadow Drive | Vail,
CO 81657 | (970) 479-5085
Occupational medicine
offers services specialized
to the needs of employees
and employers. Common
services include physical
exams, drug screening,
injury prevention programs,
vaccination programs as
well as custom programs
built for organizations.
Kimberly’s Corner
181 Wet Meadow Drive
Vail, CO 81657
Located in the atrium of the Vail
Valley Medical Center, Kimber-
ly’s Corner is a patient resource
center, as well as a place for
patients, guests and employees
to relax. The resource center
features a peaceful décor
and provides computers and
select books and journals.
Medical Library at Shaw
Regional Cancer Center
322 Beard Creek Road
Edwards, CO 81632
(970) 569-7607
Free to the public: The Medical
Library loans books, journals,
magazines, audio books,
videos and children’s materials.
The wide-ranging, up-to-
date healthcare collection
is open to patients and the
community. The library is home
to the region’s only certified
medical librarian and offers
many personalized services,
including reference, interlibrary
loan and document delivery,
material loans, databases and
over 320 electronic journals.
Howard Head
Sports Medicine
See Physical Therapy
The Steadman Clinic
181 West Meadow Drive,
Suites 400 & 200 | Vail, CO
816573 | (970) 476-1100
VVMC's Women
and Children's
Center boasts
one of the best
nursing staffs in
the region.
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