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Rebecca and Christopher
Katie Hoyt
Todd Huck
Rex Ingram
Victoria and Steven
Sherri Jaksha
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Michelle Jirenec and
John Fee
Amanda Johnson
Raenette Johnson
Susanne and Ted Johnson
Jim Jones
Alexia and Jerry Jurschak
Gay and George Kapplinger
Brice Karsh
Diana and Jim Kaylor
Barbara and Tim Kelley
Sandra and Thomas
Kelly, MD
Elaine and Arthur Kelton, Jr.
Holly and Kevin Kenny
Vanessa Kerzner
Susan Kiely
Sandi and Skip Kinsley
Doris and John Kirchner
Amy Klunzinger
Theresa and Gary Klunzinger
Rosanne and James
Michele Kosiara
Mary Ann Koson
Susan Gordon and
Roy Krochmal
Janet and Bill Lee
Tara and Bob Levine
Sue and Greg Lickus
Robin and Steve Litt
Kelly Lloyd
Kelly and David Lyle
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Fletcher MacNeill
Margaret and Peter Mason
Christina Mastrogiovanni
Maximum Comfort
Pool & Spa Inc.
Susan and Brandon Mays
Alison and Tim McAdam
Mark McCammon
M. Geneva McGervey
Carolyn and Rolland
Brenda and Joe McHugh
Heather and John McInerny
Dani and Vince McNeill
Peg and Ag Meek
Mary Anne Metternick
Liz and Luc Meyer
Lisa and Bill Middlebrook
Susan Mirus
Allison and Russell Molina
Kathy and Robert Moore
Donna Moran
Peggy and Vaughn Morgan
Susan and Joseph Morrill
Robert Morris
Jeanne and Dale Mosier
Gail Nash
Peggy Nicholls
Rhonda Niederhauser
Joyce and Jim Nielsen
Amy Niswanger
Pat and Brian Nolan
Deirdre Nolan
Dorothy and Henry Norton
Vanessa and Rob Nowlin
Sheri O'Donnell
Michael O'Reilly
Carol and Michael Osgood
Susie Patterson
Lisa and David Pease
Lisa Pelchat
Janet Perdzock
John Peters
Renee Peterson and
Roger Shapiro
Pinon Real Estate Group
Claudia Podgorny
Brook and David Portman
Ann and Ralph Poucher
Diane and Todd Purse
Angela Ramsey
Mary and Chris Randall
Patti Rasmussen
Mary Reese
Sara and Eric Resnick
RD Richardson
Maureen and Gerald Riordan
Sharon and Vern Ritzman
Kerry and Justin Roach
Rose Community
Cassidy Rosen
Amy Roth, PhD
Barbara and Howard
Rothenberg, MD
Ann and Richard Rothkopf
Robin and Scott Ruff
Kristina Sampson
Broy Laurel and
Harry Sandell
Patricia and Leonard
Suzanne and Bernard Scharf
P.K. Scheerle and
Bruce Bolyard
Carol Schimmer
Julie Schlossinger
Tom Schorr
Pamela and Thomas
Carole Schragen
Jill and Scott Schreiner
Kitty Banner Seemann
Marisa andWilliam Sheehan
Cynthia Strauss and
Harry Sherr
Karen Silverman
Suzanne and Mark
Page and Michael Slevin
Beth and Rodney Slifer
Nancy Smith
Debra and Gregory Sokolik
Christie and Scott Somes
Matt and Michelle Spidell
Susan and Chris Spiegel
Starbuck Surveyors
Pam and Jim Starr
Gay and Richard
Steadman, MD
Stephen Stubbendick
Susan and Steve Suggs
Nancy and Jon Tellor
Patty Thompson
Peggy Thompson
Rosemary Jo Tongish
Linda and Stewart Turley
Rosemary and Robert Tutag
Greater Twin Cities
Jean Urquhart, MD and
Alec Urquhart, MD
US Bank
Vail Jazz Festival
Vail Valley Concours, LLC
Vail Valley Foundation
Vail Valley Surgery
Center, LLC
Jen and George Vanderhoof
Sherry Vanskyhawk
Tina and Stephen Vardaman
Kathy and James Vosberg
VVMC Volunteer Corps
Susan and TomWashing
Carole and Mike Watters
Karin and BobWeber
Deborah Webster and
Stephen Blanchard
Patti and Ron Weinstein
Kathryn Weller
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Joseph White
Stanley Whittemore
Vali andWilly Wilcox
Robert Wilhelm
Kristin and DavidWilliams
Colleen and DavidWirth
Betty Ann and John
Woodland, MD
Betsy and BudWright
Barry Zvibleman
Dale Aden
Rose and Dean Aden
Shirlee Aden
Rhonda Allen-Hickman
and Michael
Anne Clark
Linda Cormack
Mary Ann Derryberry
Suzy and Jim Donohue
Nora Fryklund
Wendy Gilbertson
Bobbi and Gene
Diane and Robert Holmes
Glenn Huwa
Diane Larsen, PC
Karen and Greg Latham
Jean Latham
Virginia Morris
Martin Nash
OSI Industries
Diana and Joseph Parker
Arley and Jason Philips
Nancy and Stephen
Shane, CLU, CHFC
Becky and Pete Smith
Lynn and Dennis
Kathleen and
James Turner
L. Wylene Twombly
Bill Wailes
Michael Hollomon and
Eric Wailes
Clarice and Ramon Weiss
Linda and James Young
David Brock
Suzy and Jim Donohue
Susan and Joseph Morrill
Vanessa and Rob Nowlin
Lisa and David Pease
US Bank
Greer and Jack Gardner
Annie and Tom Apple
Madeline Read and
Stephen Bandak
Collin Baugh
Judith McBride and
Bruce Baumgartner
Matt Bayley
Stephanie Ben
Susannah Bene
Barbara and Jack Benson
Barbara and Barry Beracha
Eric Berg
Maxine and Jerry Bizer
Cindy and Bill Blakey
Suzanne and Fred Boettcher
Nancy Boyce
Debbie andWilliam Brady
Patti and Ronald Brave
Marka and Jimmy Brenner
Priscilla Brewster
Laura Brown
Lois and Richard Bruce
Rebecca and Paul Brun
Ruth and Barry Bucher
Steve Burmeister
Veronica and Paco Calderon
Peggy Carey
Judie and John Chain, Jr.
Cynthia and John Chase
Lyon Chavez
Chippen Nails
Victoria and Terrell Clampitt
Aaron Coburn
Kitchen Collage
David Courtney
Paige Cregon
Nancy and Andrew Cruce
Paige and Chris Cumming
Lucy and Ron Davis
Sandi Dean
Denise Delaney and
Glenn Bourland
Sheila Dell'Osso
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Lainie Edinburg and
Joel Kaye
Peggy and Gary Edwards
Linda and Robert Egan
Joyce and Stephen Evans
Diane and Larry Feldman
Regina and Kyle Fink
Cheryl Foley
Craig Foley
Ceil and Steve Folz
Sally and Crosby Foster
Kathy and Gary Frank
Lorraine Fry
Grace and Stephen Gamble
Rondi Gifts
Terri and Scott Glasser
Nick Gordon
Megan and Tom Green
Ty Hall
Betsy and Mike Henritze
Sally andWil Hergenrader
Polly and David Hinshaw
Cheryl Holman
Laureen Hopkins
Linda and Jay Hoyt
Carol and Richard Hunton
Sandra Jacaruso
Daryl James
Janet and Stephen Jones
Juniper Restaurant
Patty and Stanton Kamens
Diana and Jim Kaylor
Linda and Mark Kogod
Nancy and Carl Kreitler, Jr.
Margie and Lawrence
Kyte, Jr.
Jim Landis
Suzi and Jim Locke
Becky Lowe
Deb and Dan Luginbuhl
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Kathryn and Joe Macy
Natalia and Leonard Mandor
Devinder Mangat, MD
Judy and Richard Marks
Debbie Marquez
Katherine Mathias
Donna and Jack McCarthy
Nina McLemore
Dani and Vince McNeill
Pixie and Robert Messey
Nancy Mezey-Groff
Elise and Victor Micati
Robert Miller
Sheri and Michael Mintz
Carolyn and John Moorman
Kathy Morrow
Deborah Zwick, MD and
Mort Mulliken
Kathleen Mundy and
Fred Hessler
Hazel and Matthew Murray
Linda and Kirk Nelson
Julie and O.B. Nelson
Rachel Nelson and Jay Rush
Karen Nern, MD and
Thomas Nern
Joyce and Jim Nielsen
Rosanne and Gary Oatey
Gail and John O'Brien
Jean and Ray Oglethorpe
Kerri Oskouei
Lorraine and Dennis
Page, OD
Sue and Dennis Parker
Paula and Jim Paxton
Lisa and David Pease
Diane and David Pennock
Michele Pirozzi
Premiere Legal
Advantage, Inc.
Sherry and Alex Preston
Jeanne and Michael
Carolyn and Hollis
Anne and John Rainey
Carolyn and Robert Reintjes
Juniper Restaurant
Annette Reyes
Doug Rippeto
Laura and Richard Robert
Anne Roberts
Diane Romero
Ann and Richard Rothkopf
Richard Sandoval
Ann Schimmel
Senta Schleder
Susan and Eric Schneider
Jean and Leonard
Carole Schragen
Mary Jane and Charles
Diane and Louis Schultz
Shaw Outreach Team
Kris Sims
Julie Smith
Jean Graham and
Philip Smith
Pamela and Richard Smith
Joan and Bob Solon
Lorraine Spargo
Stephanie Spence
Peter Stadler
Karen and Gary Steele
Meg and Michael Stepanek
Kathryn andWilliam
Nancy Stevens
Susan and Steve Suggs
Carla Summers
Keri and Mark Talucci
Susan Talucci
Linda and David Temin
Kim andWill Tickner
Trudo Letschert Corp.
Deanna Turner and
Nicolaas Swanepoel
Rosemary and Robert Tutag
Lissa Tyler and Mike Larson
Tracey Van Curan
Lois and John Van Deusen
Judy and Phil Walters
Janis and Roger Ward
Jan and Stephen Watson
Gunnel and Hal Weiser
Katherine Whitman
Lindsey and Patrick Wilhelm
Jane and Thomas Wilner
Barbara and Charles Wolff
Susan and Ronald Zapletal
Zengo Zengo Restaurant
Zino Ristorante
I give to Pink Vail
because it is my favorite
ski day of the year and I
know howmuch it means
to support the patients
and cancer survivors
at Shaw. I feel good
about helping tomake
treatment easier and to
make survivors stronger
and healthier than before
they had cancer."
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