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Vail Health
Susanne andTed Johnson
Karen Vacca
Cat and Gerry Huttrer
Randall Viola, MD
Larry Eilts
Melinda and
Robert Welter
Diane Voytko-Osborn, MD
Linda and David Temin
Jody West
Janet and Bill Lee
Connie Wolf, MD
Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Steven Yarberry, MD
Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Christie and Karl Hochtl
Andrea Yetman
Marla and George
Harvey Davis
Melinda and Stan
Holly and Ben Gill
Rita and Kenneth Lewis
Donna Moran
Judy and Thomas Pecsok
Eagle County Board of
Eagle County Schools
Board of Education
Ned Hentz
Holy Cross Energy Round-
Up Foundation
Slifer Smith & Frampton
Real Estate
State of Colorado
State of Colorado -
Prim. Care Fund
State of Colorado - EMTS
State of Colorado - CDOT
State of Colorado - WWC
State of Colorado - CDOT
Susan G. Komen for the
Cure - Aspen Affiliate
Think First Foundation
Greater Twin Cities
UnitedWay of Eagle
River Valley
Vail Breast Cancer
Awareness Group
Vail Valley Cares
These donors have made a
provision for VVMC for its
affiliates in their estate plan.
If you would like to be added
to this list, please contact
Dr. Jack Eck at 970-477-
5177 or
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Elaine and Arthur Kelton, Jr.
Kathy Langenwalter and
Dick Cleveland
Linda Pancratz
Suzanne and Bernard Scharf
Linda and Craig Wescoatt
Holly Adams
Christine and Jack Albertson
Carolyn Ayers
Norma Aziz
Geraldine Ball
Chris Bella
Linda Belleville
Nancy Berg
Colleen and Kevin Berga
Rondi Berge
Charmayne and Charles
Mariette and Scott Blackett
Joan Bornstein
Joyce Bradley
Debbie and Pete Brill
Amy Brooks
Jo Brown
Megan Bryant
Janie and Bill Burns
Joseph Burns
Darcy Buster
Norman Bye
Ron and Cristina Byrne
Veronica and Paco Calderon
Susan Campbell
Peggy Carey
Ashley Carney
Patricia and Pedro Cerisola
Jamie Chadwick
Norma Champion
Sara and Michael Charles
Lara Chavis
Joyce and John Chizmadia
Cathy Coburn
Barbara Cole
Holly Cole
Jeffery Cole
Kathy Cole
Anne Collins
The Collins Family
Tamara Converse
Shannon Crockett
Patty and Richard Cuny
Bernice Davie
Lucy and Ron Davis
Michele Davis
Pamela and Barry Davis
Susie Davis
Adina Dean
Devon DeCrausaz
and Rich Smith
Anthony De Los Santos
Sharon Dennis
Jacqueline and John Deveric
Doris Dewton and
Richard Gretz
Kellie Dexter
Dorothy Distelhorst, DDS
Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Diversified Radiology
Didi Doolittle
Amy Dorsey
Colleen Downard
Caron Doyle
Eagle Valley Community
Jane and Reed Eberly
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
The Mathilde U. & Albert
C.\Elser Foundation
Shaun Evans
Christine Faucett
Gail and Terrance Ferry
Jessica Fisher
Cookie and Jim Flaum
Erika Frahm
Jeanne Fritch
Jean Ann Fusco
Greer and Jack Gardner
Sandra Gaylord
Debra and Richard Geddes
DJ Gibson
Linda and John Gilles
Andrea Glass
Jeanne Glennon
Stephanie and Earl
Barbara Goncharoff
Mallory Gorman
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Marilyn Greenspan
Pat Gregory
Nancy and Harry Guest
Bethany and Jonathan
Haerter, DDS
Bobbi and Topper
Maria and Barry
Hammaker, MD
Polly Hastie
Mollie Hay
Deb Hayda
Marty Head and John
Feagin, MD
Ashley Lynn Heimburger
Susie Helmerich
Sandy Helt
Barbara Hibben
John Hill
Mary Hinz
Brandy Hoeve
Barbara Hogoboom
Summer Holm
Tracy Horn
Nancy Hovey
Ann Hutchison
Alex Hyde
Joe Infantino
Sandy and Joseph Jacaruso
Jan and Donald Jackson
Terry Janssen
Alice Jaramillo
Matthew Jaramillo
Debby Jasper
Jewish Community Board
Marilyn Johnson
Michelle Kaufmann
Katherine Kellen
Elaine and Arthur Kelton, Jr.
Karen and Robert Kern
Nikki and Nick Kern
Joanna Kerwin
Sandi and Skip Kinsley
Lindsey and Travis Kirby
Doris and John Kirchner
John Kirkutis
Dorothy Klein
Melinda Kniffen
Bob Kurlander
Land Title Guarantee
Jacqueline and Mark Landt
Ann Langegger
Sutton Laurie
Kara and Buddy Lazier
Niki Lee
Lovely Nails
Daniel Ludwick
Joe Macomber
Devinder Mangat, MD
Kathleen Manley
Tessa and Chris Manning
Melanna Marcellot
Debbie Marquez
Paula Martin
Jen and James Mason
Trudy and Robert Matarese
Maureen Mayer
Tim McCaw
Mary Ann and Jim McEntee
Hannah McKeever
Laura and Steve McKeever
Merle Norman
Ingrid Middaugh
Charlotte Mintz
Audrey Moran
Kathy Morrow
Kelly and Geoff Moser
Mountain Surgical Associates
Laurie Mullen
Melissa Murphy
Jennifer Nielsen
Joyce and Jim Nielsen
Karen Nold
Joan Norris and Jim Lamont
Deborah O'Neill
Vickie and Kelly Ortega
Lisa and David Pease
Lindsey Peck
Louanne and Tom Perfretti
Judy Pitkin
Diane Pitt
Debbie Poole
Sarah Pritchard
Chris Ralston
April Ramker
Susan Rapson
Jane and Michael Reisinger
Francis and Karl Reynolds
Jennifer Roberts
Esteban Rocha
Patricia Roe
Kathy Rohlwing
Karen Rosenbach
Donna and Peter Rosenberg
Jan Rosenthal
Steve Rosenthal
Gussie Ross
Marc Rouse
Elli Roustom
Beth and Mark Ruark
Chrissy and Fred Rumford
Lynda and Peter Sampson
Carole Schragen
Tricia Schulteis
Heather Schultz
Elaine and Steven
Deb and Timothy Scully
Erin Seabury
Nancy Shane
Kim and Kevin Sharkey
Shaw Outreach Team
Steve Sheldon
Rachel Smiley
Karla Smith
Ann Snyder
Nancy Snyder
Lois Solomon
The Steadman Clinic
Marilyn and James Steane, II
Mary Jo and Jim Steiert
Wendy Stewart
Carrie Stockert
Ken Stone
Shelley Stortz
Sweet Basil
L. Teach
Lance Thompson
Stewart Title
Pentti Tofferi
Hope and Ed Tudanger
US Bank
Vail Breast Cancer
Awareness Group
Vail International
Dance Festival
Vail Resorts
Vail Marriott
Vail Valley Animal Hospital
Vail Valley Medical Center
Ivonne VanLovern
Tina and Stephen Vardaman
Andy Vesque
Sandy Wall
Patti and Ron Weinstein
Linda Wells
Ashley Werner
Alice and Andy Weydt
Lai Whide
Ida White
Shari Wilson
Emily Wolf
Liz Woodrich
Marcy and Dick Woodrow
Yellow Dog Ranch
Support of Jack's Place,
Hike Wine and Dine and
other capital projects.
Julie Albritton
Alerus Financial
Alpine Bank
Amgen Foundation
Lori Anderson
Dee andWarren Androus
Jackie Anthony
Courtney and Kevin
Ann Newman and
Andy Arnold
Donna and Mark Arnold
Laurie Ashley
M. Charlotte Atencio
Patricia and Chris Aubel
Toni Axelrod
Dierdre and Ronnie Baker
Shelly and Patrick Baldasare
Pamela and Robert Barker
Susan and Donald Barnes
Jared Barnes
Beaver Creek Merchant's
Sharon Bell
Maria Bender
Barbara and Jack Benson
Lin Bercher
Rajnish Bhuyan
Margaret Blazek
Charla and John Blizzard
Randi Borgen Jaerbyn
and Patrick Jaerbyn
Tamira Boudreau
Jo Dee Bowen
Eleanor and Gus
Bramante, DDS
Pamela Brandmeyer
BeaAnn and Jack Braun
Kathleen and John Brendza
Cindy and Dave Bright
Noelle Brock
Kathleen Buchan
Brenda Buglione
Centennial Bank
Jill Chalfant
Lara Chavis
Charlene Chen
Susanna Chlipala
Anne Clark
Cheryl Clayton
Jean Clegg
Bill Cohagen
Elizabeth Coker
Collier Home Care
Anne and Art Collins
Colorado High School
Baseball Umpires
Kari Corbin
Joel Cox
CYMARON Foundation
Angela and Peter Dal Pezzo
Lynn and Bill Davis
Harvey Davis
Margo Davis
Lucy and Ron Davis
Shirley Day
Pamela and Armando
Del Bosco
Sharon Dennis
Mary Ann Derryberry
Carol Desmond
Deb Deverell
Laura Diamandopoulos
Lisa Dillon and Jay Peterson
Joy and Richard Dirkes
Abby Dixon
Suzy and Jim Donohue
Kathleen and David
Patricia Duty
Eagle Valley Community
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Andrea Eddy
Holly andW. Elliott, II
Encore Electric
Audre Engleman and
Dimitri Moursellas
Kenneth Farmer
Ingegard Fehr
Marisa and Joseph
Ferrara, MD
Cookie and Jim Flaum
Ceil and Steve Folz
Foothills Family Medicine
Ginny and John Forstmann
Sally and Crosby Foster
Susan and Harry Frampton
Sue and Reginald
Franciose, MD
Joan Francis
Sarah Franke
Patricia and David Fritz
Nora Fryklund
Thomas Fuller
Sheehan Gallagher
Gallegos Corp.
Lana Gallegos
Linda and John Galvin
Greer and Jack Gardner
Vicky and John Garnsey
Catherine Gassman
Larry Gaul, MD
Kitty George
Betty Gerstley, MD
Holly and Ben Gill
Linda and John Gilles
Donna Giordano
Cory and Sean Glackin
Dolores Gleason
Lyn Goldstein
Suzanne and Randy
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Todd Goulding
Phil Goyen
Ingrid and Dan Graham
Suzanne and Larry Graveel
Claire and Thomas Greaves
Becka and Stuart Green
William Green
Susan Greenway
Sandi and Randy Griffin
Carla Guarascio
Joni Gunn
Jeanne and Jim Gustafson
Bonnie and Jim Hamilton
Allison and Chad Hansen
JoAnne Hansen
Patricia Hardenbergh,
MD and Gordon
Hardenbergh, MD
Grace Harrigan
Elizabeth Harris
Barbara Hart
Julie Heaydon
Courtney Herring
Hi Crane, Inc.
Summer Holm
Cheryl Holman
Dawn and Frank
Holmes III, MD
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