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Coco and Frank Pettee
Ruth Anne Pettinichi
Cynthia Pettit
Ann Phelps
Arley and Jason Philips
Joyce Phillips
Joseph Phoenix
Robert Pickelner
Howard Picking
Kacee Picot
Jackie Pietrzyk
Cathy Pilone
Pinon Real Estate Group
Ebby Pinson
Richard Pipkin
Kay and Thomas Pitcher
Diane Pitt
Loree Pitts
Mary and Garrett Plepel
Drew Plotkin
Robert Plotkin
Claudia Podgorny
Dianne and Emanuel
Podgorny, MD
Alan Pogue
Anna Policastri
Joan Polin
Doug Poore
Juliette Pope
Gayle and Terry Pope
Victoria Pope
Monica and Daniel Porter
Brook and David Portman
Herchel Portman
Hattit and Robert Potts, Jr.
Ann and Ralph Poucher
Wayne Pourciau
Jackie and James Power
Mary and Dick Pownall
Mary and Ron Pressman
Jim Preston
Julie Preston
Mike Preston
Anne Prinzhorn
Lisa Proctor
Rosemary Pulick
Helga andWarren Pulis
Diane and Todd Purse
Carol Pyka
Jeanne and Michael
Hilda and Aniceto Quinones
Robert Rademacher
Jean and Bruce Rader
Wanda Radetti
Bob Ragonese
Margaret Rahe
Shelly Raichart
Anne and John Rainey
Rebecca Ramert-Richmond
Guillermo Ramis
Angela Ramsey
Mary and Chris Randall
Nelson Rapozo
Cindy Rasmussen and
Michael Staughton
Patti Rasmussen
Carolyn Rathjen
Sara and Bill Ratliff
Scott Raub, MD
Madeline Read and
Stephen Bandak
Joyce Reece
Anne Reed
Rosalind Reed and
Lisa Reeder
Mary Reese
Janet Refior
Terri Reichert
Carolyn and Robert Reintjes
Lyn and Richard Reis
Tiffany and Matthew Reis
Jane and Michael Reisinger
Milton Reitman, MD
Barbara and Gary Rende
Kathi Renman
Michele and Jeffrey
Resnick, MD
Diane Rexrode
William Rey
Annette Reyes
Leobardo Reyes
Francis and Karl Reynolds
RD Richardson
Marcia Richey
David Richhart
Candace Riden
Pat Rieman
Marlene and George Riemer
Carol Riggs
Ira Riklis
Kirstin Riley
C. Lee Rimel
Patrice Ringler
Maureen and Gerald Riordan
Doug Rippeto
Steven Rittvo
DeeAnn Rivera
Kerry and Justin Roach
Catherine and Kevin Roach
Andrea Robbins
Samaara Robbins
Anne Roberts
Jamie Roberts
Sandra Roberts
Susan Roberts
Virginia Roberts
Judy Robins
Kimberly Robinson
Paul Robinson
Charlotte Robson, DVM
Shari and Jeffrey Rodeen
William Rodkey, DVM
Edwin Rodriguez
Margarita Munoz and Noe
Bruce Rogers
Mark Rohde
Dan Rohman
Paula Rohr
Cherie and John Rollins
Sarah Roman
Stacy and Christopher
Wes Ronning
Rosalind Reed Associates
Rayma and Kent Rose
Manjiri Rose
Cassidy Rosen
Carol Rosenbaum
Alan Rosenblum
Philip Rosenthal
Catherine and Ford Ross
Terie and Gary Roubos
Patricia Rowe
Ed Rubenstein, CHFC
Kristen Rubis
Robin and Scott Ruff
Teresa Ruiz and Manuel
Fierro Parra
Ronda Russ
Lori Russell
Agnes and Dennis Ryan
Gary Ryan
Thomas Ryan
Javier Saade
Jan and Frederick
Sackbauer, III
Caroline Sada
Stacy Sadler
Ronald Saliman
Salon Axis
Salon Nouveau
Robert Salovitch
Anna Salvadore
Kristina Sampson
Lynda and Peter Sampson
Leesa Samuels
Herman Sanders
Patricia and Leonard
Richard Sandoval
Stacey and Jay Sapp
Thomas Saunders, U.S.A. Ret.
Adam Savin
Pam Saxon
Pietrina Saxton
The Sebastian Hotel
Jamie Schauss
Sally Schauss
P.K. Scheerle and
Bruce Bolyard
Jeff Schell
Nicole Schelter
Robert Schilling
Ann Schimmel
Carol Schimmer
Julie Schlossinger
Juergen Schmeja
Leslie Schmid
Ellen Schmidt
William Schmidt
Nancy and John Schneider
Susie and Brad Schneider
Susan and Eric Schneider
Jean and Leonard
Karlheinz Schoenberger
Lillian and John Schoening
Herbert Schorpp
Tom Schorr
Pamela and Thomas
Carole Schragen
Jill and Scott Schreiner
Mary Jane and Charles
Diane and Louis Schultz
John Schumacher
Gina Schwartz
Alan Schwed
Gail Schwinger
Jack Scott
Karen Scott
Dale Seal
Elizabeth Smith and
William Seed
Kitty Banner Seemann
Carole Segal
Susan Senter
Linda Sepp
Sue Sewell
Shaun and Bradley Seymour
Judy and Robert Shackouls
Pamela and George Shaeffer
Jeff Shainholtz
Nancy and Stephen
Shane, CLU, CHFC
Patricia Shanks
Maureen and Les Shapiro
Carol Sharer
Joyce Sharp
Hobie Sheeder
Marisa andWilliam Sheehan
Cynthia Strauss and
Harry Sherr
Charles Sherwood
Scott Sherwood
John Shillington
Carolyn and G.K. Shurb
Jamie Sidle
Muriel andWilliam Sidwell
Leah and Michael Sievers
Bart Sigler
Catherine and Peter
Karen Silverman
Suzanne and Mark
Stacy Silverwood
Robert Sim
Michael Simmonds
Shelley andWilliam
Liz Simonton
Kris Sims
Stephen Sinacore
Jill Sinding
Charles Singer
Elaine Singleton
Ken Singleton
Singletree Property
Owners Association
Rita and Scott Skelton
Kindra Skluzacek
Andre Skweir
John Slack, MD
Ronald Slates
Eva and Timothy Slattery
Laurie and Gene Slaughter
Page and Michael Slevin
Beth and Rodney Slifer
Suzanne Sloan
Douglas Slothower
Kay Small
Brittany Smith
Chance Smith
Denis Smith
Eric Smith
Graham Smith
Julie Smith
Kelley Smith
Nancy Smith
Becky and Pete Smith
Randy Smith
Jean and Ben Smusz
Craig Snapp
Elizabeth Snorf
Barbara Snow
Margie and Larry Snow
Kate and Pete Snowden
Brett Snyder
Elizabeth Snyder
Heath Snyder
Debra and Gregory Sokolik
Lauren and Berton Solomon
Joan and Bob Solon
Rochelle Some
Christie and Scott Somes
Kathleen Sommer
Patty Sommerville Cuny
Deborah Sopinsky
South DakotaTrust Company
Lisa Spagnolie
Sue Ann Spahr and
Richard Kinsler
Carole Spanel
Elizabeth Spanel
Kathleen Spanel
Lorraine Spargo
Specialty Sports Venture, LLC
Robyn Specthrie
Stephanie Spence
Carol and Roger Sperry
Gina and Steve Spessard
Matt and Michelle Spidell
Susan and Chris Spiegel
Frank Spratlen
Judy Spresney
Scott Spresney
Jason Sproles
Peter Stadler
Kiersten Stais
Jerry Stanley
Kevin Stanley
Ruth Stanley
Starbuck Surveyors
Pam and Jim Starr
Frank Stasiowski
Marissa Stauffer
Molly Stautzenberger
Gay and Richard
Steadman, MD
Marilyn and James Steane, II
top to bottom
Nancy Cruce,
Margie Kyte, Elise Micati and Lissa Tyler;
music by The Fabulous Femmes; John
Merrit, Polly Hinshaw and Rick Smith;
Peggy Edwards and Jane Schultz.
The ladies
(and gentlemen)
of Cordillera celebrated
Pad the Bra this year at the
Micati home, raising funds
to bring 3Dmammography
to the valley.
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