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Vail Health
$100,000 AND ABOVE
Carol and Keith Brown
May Family Black
Mountain Ranch
Shaw Outreach Team
The Gilbert Reese Family
$50,000 - $99,999
Eagle Springs Charitable
Joan Francis
Pat and Peter Frechette
Martha Head and John
Feagin, MD
Susu and George Johnson, Jr.
Molly and Jay Precourt
Mary Sue and Michael
Sonnenalp of Vail
John Tyler
Vail Breast Cancer
Awareness Group
VVMC Volunteer Corps
$25,000 - $49,999
Kathy and Erik Borgen
Peggy Fossett
Donna Giordano
Sheika and Pepi
Keith Wold Johnson
Charitable Trust
Doris and John Kirchner
Sheila Sullivan and
Harvey Simpson
The Willard T.C. Johnson
Foundation, Inc.
Vail Valley Surgery
Center, LLC
$15,000 - $24,999
Jean and Paul Corcoran, DDS
Ann and Doc Cornwell
Lucy and Ron Davis
Duane Morris, LLP
Brooke Gray
Ann Becher Smead and
Michael Byram
US Bank
Vail Valley Surgery Center
$5,000 - $14,999
Janet and Paul Abbott, MD
Alpine Bank
Apollo MD Anesthesia
Helen S. and Merrill L.
Bank Foundation, Inc.
Bertini and Melvyn Bergstein
Marlene and John Boll
James Cargill, II
April and Art Carroll
Colorado Mountain
Medical, P.C.
Amy and Steven Coyer
Sandi Dean
Denver Health & Hospital
Diversified Radiology
of Colorado
Suzy and Jim Donohue
Irene and Jared Drescher
Eagle Valley Community
Kathleen and Jack Eck, MD
Encore Electric
Craig Foley
Dawn and Tim Force
Greer and Jack Gardner
Nick Gordon
Marilyn Greenspan
Kim and Thomas
Hackett, MD
Georgina Hartland
Nancy and Charlie Hovey, Jr.
Geordy Johnson
Kalkus Foundation, Inc.
Elaine and Art Kelton, Jr.
Margie and Lawrence
Kyte, Jr.
Tara and Bob Levine
Deb and Dan Luginbuhl
Cynthia McAdam
Alison and Tim McAdam
Brenda and Joe McHugh
Elise and Victor Micati
Ellen Mitchell
Joyce and Jim Nielsen
Northern Trust
Linda Pancratz
Sara and Eric Resnick
Slifer Smith & Frampton
Real Estate
Steadman Philippon
Research Institute
Carol and Hans Storr
Susan Talucci
Town of Vail
Linda and Stewart Turley
Vail Resorts, Inc.
Vail Summit Emergency
Vail Valley Cares
Vail-Summit Orthopaedics
Sally Veitch
Rachel and David Viele
Barbara and Richard
Alice and Andy Weydt
The Wheless Foundation
Eleanor Willock
Marcy and Dick Woodrow
$1,000 - $4,999
Sara and John Almond
Alpine Party Rentals
Anne and David Altchek
Collin Baugh
Barbara and Jack Benson
Barbara and Barry Beracha
Eric Berg
Laura and Len Berlik
Charmayne and Charles
Charmayne Originals
Brett andWinston Berry
Martha and Bill Bevan, Jr.
Anthony Binsfeld
Sue and Sidney Blandford, III
Patti and Edward
Blender, DDS
Pamela Bock, MD and
Brooks Bock, MD
Suzanne and Fred Boettcher
Denise Delaney and
Glenn Bourland
Eleanor and Gus
Bramante, DDS
BeaAnn and Jack Braun
Regina Brinkerhoff
Kent Brittan
Noelle Brock
Larry Broderick
Kelly and Sam Bronfman
Dorothy Browning
Bradley Bruce
Lois and Richard Bruce
Ruth and Barry Bucher
Carolyn and Gary Cage, MD
Jeri and Charles Campisi
Peggy Carey
Centennial Bank
Patsy and Pedro Cerisola
Cerner Corporation
Sara and Michael Charles
Cynthia and John Chase
Kay and Thomas
Clanton, MD
Club Corp
Robert Cohen
Thomas Conners
David Courtney
Caron and Charlie Crevling
Paige and Chris Cumming
Angela and Peter Dal Pezzo
Lucinda and Andy Daly
Debbie and David Darrough
Mary and David Davies
Devon DeCrausaz
and Rick Smith
Gail and Carl Dietz
Paulette and Gilbert
Lisa Dillon and Jay Peterson
Fred Distelhorst, DDS
Vincent Duncan
Dusty Boot
Eagle River Fire
Protection District
Jane and Reed Eberly
Catherine and Ulf Edborg
Lainie Edinburg and
Joel Kaye
Peggy and Gary Edwards
El Pomar Foundation
Holly andW. Elliott, II
Christine and Tom Engleby
Cynthia Engles
Pauls Family Foundation, Inc.
Diane and Larry Feldman
Regina and Kyle Fink, MD
Cookie and Jim Flaum
Noreen and Darryl Flores
Barry Florescue
Ceil and Steve Folz
Michelle and Brian Foster
Lorraine Fry
Grace and Stephen Gamble
Vicky and John Garnsey
Margie and Thomas Gart
Larry Gaul, MD
Amy Gish
Sharon and Herbert Glaser
Georgia Wall and
Donald Gogel
The Golden Bear
Carol and Ronnie Goldman
Lyn Goldstein
Carol and Charles Goolsbee
Lynn and John Gottlieb, MD
Ingrid and Dan Graham
Jean Graham and
Philip Smith
Becka and Stuart Green
Michael Greene
Neal Groff
Steven Gutman
Valerie and Robert Gwyn
Heidi Ham
Stephanie and John Hanson
Patricia Hardenbergh,
MD and Gordon
Hardenbergh, MD
Grace Harrigan
Haselden Construction
Healthcare Outsourcing
Network, Inc.
Heery Design, Inc.
Jeanne andWilliam Hellegas
Betsy and Mike Henritze
Sally andWil Hergenrader
Lorraine and H. Higbie, Jr.
High Altitude Spa
Clairlee Hawn-Hirsch
and Robert Hirsch
Joanna and Gordon
Dawn and Frank
Holmes, III, MD
Pam Holton
Aubyn and Robert Howe
Amy Hunter
Carol and Richard Hunton
Julie and Brice Jackson
Jackson Building Company
Bruce Jarvis
Cheryl and Bill Jensen
Kathryn and Calvin Johnson
Gretchen and John Jordan, II
Alexia and Jerry Jurschak
June and Peter Kalkus
Diana and Jim Kaylor
Barbara and Tim Kelley
Cynthia and Peter Kellogg
Mary andWilliam Kennedy
Amy Klunzinger
Nancy and Richard Knowlton
Judy and Alan Kosloff
The Joyce and Paul Krasnow
Charitable Foundation
Allison Krausen and
Kyle Webb
Ron Kruszewski
Dori and Bert Ladd
Kathy Langenwalter and
Dick Cleveland
Robert Lentz
Ann and Charlie L'Esperance
Ann andWilliam Loper
Becky Lowe
Nancy and Richard Lubin
Luigi's Pasta House - Eagle
Vanessa and Johnny Lyons
Devinder Mangat, MD
Merrill Mann
Margaret and Peter Mason
Leni and Peter May
Shirley andWilliam
McIntyre, IV
Dominique McLerran
Melanie and Tim McMichael
Peg and Ag Meek
Judy and Robert Meuleman
Nancy Mezey-Groff
Lisa and Bill Middlebrook
Sheri and Michael Mintz
Peggy and Vaughn Morgan
Kathy Morrow
Jeanne and Dale Mosier
Kathleen Mundy and
Fred Hessler
Vicki and Trygve Myhren
Chupa R.A. Nelson
Rachel Nelson and Jay Rush
Karen Nern, MD and
Thomas Nern
The Nickel Foundation
Paula and Prentice O'Leary
OSI Industries
Parsons Brinckerhoff Group
Administration, Inc.
Rena Paterson
Lisa and David Pease
Services, Inc.
Diane and David Pennock
Renee Peterson and
Roger Shapiro
Senenne and Marc
Philippon, MD
Michele Pirozzi
Fred Pool
Premiere Legal
Advantage, Inc.
Sherry and Alex Preston
Gretchen Price
Carolyn and Hollis
The Raether 1985
Charitable Trust
Rakich Family Charitable
Gretchen and Robert
Amy and James Regan
Anne and Ron Riley
Sharon and Vern Ritzman
Laura and Richard Robert
Roberts Family Foundation
Diane Romero
Rose Community
Margaret Rosenquist
Amy Roth, PhD
Barbara and Howard
Rothenberg, MD
Ann and Richard Rothkopf
Thea Jean and Fred Rumford
Suzanne and Bernard Scharf
Elaine and Steven
Barbara and Don Segal
Sandra and Kenneth Seward
Susanna Johnson and
Timothy Shannon
Ronald Simon
Slifer Designs
Pamela and Richard Smith
Patricia andWilliam Smith, Jr.
Debbie Solie
Marilyn and James Steane, II
Jo Stanchina
Anne and Josef Staufer
Gaye Steinke
William Sterett, MD
Susan and Steve Suggs
Tom Swarsen
Keri and Mark Talucci
Tom Talucci
Agnes and Oscar Tang
Nancy and Jon Tellor
The Barry Foundation
Jere Thompson
Patrick Tierney
Corine Trujillo
Rosemary and Robert Tutag
Lissa Tyler and Mike Larson
Jean Urquhart, MD and
Alec Urquhart, MD
Vail Radio Partners
Vail Valley Concours, LLC
Vail Valley Foundation
Tracey Van Curan
Lois and John Van Deusen
Leo Vecellio
Vin 48
Elizabeth Vincent
Jackie Hurlbutt and
Norman Waite, Jr.
Linda and Phil Waldbaum
Katie and Bill Weaver
Gail Weinnig, TTE
Wells Fargo Private Bank
Carol and Patrick Welsh
Wiegers Family Foundation
Kristin and DavidWilliams
Alinda and JimWikert
Jane Wilner
Deborah Wittman
and Rik Heid
Andrea and Gary Yetman
Susan and Ronald Zapletal
Sally Ann and Alan Aarons
Jan andWayne Abbott
Peter Abuisi
Joseph Acac
FISCAL YEAR 2013 NOV 1, 2012 THROUGH OCT 31, 2013
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