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Vail Health
What Hurts More
Than a Mammogram?
Every day, women engage in painful
beauty routines. Yet those same women
sometimes avoid mammograms due to
the discomfort and fear they cause. Local
veterinary technician Cathy Wetzel braves
the world of beauty-induced pain to help
spread the word.
By Kim Fuller
Side by Side
Instead of using personal time off for
a relaxing vacation, a team from VVMC
headed to Tanzania for a four-week-long
volunteer trip that was focused on a new
maternity ward in Haydom.
By Shauna Farnell
A Glance at Your Gland
If you’re eating healthily, exercising
moderately and getting enough sleep,
but are still tired and run down, it
might be time to look at your thyroid.
Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism are
common, but are dangerous when left
By Shauna Farnell
Kamper the Conqueror
Emergency Department Doctor Matt
Kamper decided to tackle Colorado’s
14ers in 2009. He recently completed his
goal, and at 52 became the oldest person
to summit all of the state’s official (and a
couple unofficial) 14ers.
By Kim Nicoletti
Happy Heart
It surprises people that more women than
men die of cardiovascular disease. Because
the symptoms are different and less
obvious, it’s important for women to get
regular tests and checkups, as well as be
well informed as to the risks.
By Kimberly Nicoletti
Work Hard, Play Harder
When Mike Brumbaugh moved to Vail
23 years ago, he knew he was home. The
local business owner has picked up several
sports along the way, including skiing,
cycling, paddling, ice climbing and rock
climbing. He packs in as many adventures
as possible.
By Shauna Farnell
2014/2015 ANNUAL
Gluten—Good or Bad Idea?
Gluten-free diets are all the rage, but
VVMC dieticians Melaine Hendershott
and Katie Mazzia bring some clarity to the
subject. For those who aren’t sensitive to
it, eliminating gluten can mean forgoing
some essential nutrients.
By Shauna Farnell
Good Eats
Just because it’s healthy
doesn’t mean food has to be
uninteresting. Terra Bistro’s
Kevin Nelson shares some of his
lively, inventive recipes that use
such nutritional powerhouses
as sprouted quinoa, portobello
mushrooms and carrots.
By Kim Fuller
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