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Sniffling and sneezing
VVMC’s internal medicine doc explains how to understand and fight seasonal allergies
allergies around Vail? Like most places, it’s pollen.
While Eagle County might not have the same profu-
sion of plants and trees as say, Knoxville, Tenn. (rated
by WebMD as the worst allergy city in the U.S.),
there is no shortage of pollen producers in these
parts. Not only do evergreen trees produce a large
amount of pollen, but so do trees you don’t com-
monly think of in Rocky Mountain alpine areas.
“The allergy season in the Vail Valley is mainly in
the spring and summer. Pollens from trees such as
big sagebrush and willow are most prevalent during
this time,” says Dr. Dennis Lipton, internal medicine
physician at Vail Valley Medical Center. “Any flower-
race yourself
because the onslaught
is coming: sneezing, runny nose; puffy,
watery eyes — inexplicable waves of
exhaustion. Once the warm weather
kicks in and the snow begins to melt,
it happens. And anyone under the impression that
seasonal allergies don’t strike way up here in the high
country of Colorado need only talk to someone — one
in five individuals, according to statistics — whose
life is overrun by these symptoms every spring. Luck-
ily there are ways to avoid this misery, not to men-
tion save significant dollars on stockpiling Kleenex.
What is the most common culprit for seasonal
Dr. Dennis Lipton
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