• December 10, 2013
    • Tips to Retrain Your Bladder

    • So we ended last month’s column talking about getting control over your bladder and improving its ability to hold larger (or normal!) amounts of urine. As we continue to discuss disciplining your bladder, keep the following tips in mind: Even with a well-disciplined bladder, you will need to pee at some point.  This is normal and healthy and good. What goes in must come out—in fairly similar proportions, which means if you drink an entire liter of fluid in one sitting, don’t expect to be able... MORE →
    • December 3, 2013
    • Think Before You Eat: Mindful Nutrition For the Holidays

    • Most people only gain about two pounds from November to January. The problem is we don’t lose the weight and it adds up to 20 pounds over 10 years! This is called “weight creep." If you visit Vail or live here, every day seems like a holiday or reason to celebrate. So, follow these 10 “mindful” guidelines to extend your cheer beyond the season: Don’t skip meals, especially breakfast. It jump starts your metabolism and you’ll eat less throughout the day. Eat like a princess, not a king. Fill ... MORE →