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UltrasoundThe Women & Children's Center at Vail Valley Medical Center consists of seven rooms devoted to labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum (LDRP). Each room is furnished and decorated to help soothe and relax during labor and to assist during recovery. Rooms include a specially designed mother's bed, sofa bed for the mother's partner/support person, Jacuzzi tub and shower, flat-screen television with music and nature scenes for relaxation and spectacular views of Vail Mountain.

Our operating suite is dedicated to meeting the special needs of obstetrical surgery, and an additional four rooms are available for any patient requiring special care. In addition, a spacious waiting area welcomes friends and family. Room service is available at the patient's request, and valet parking is an additional amenity for women and their partner.

Whether you visit the Women & Children's Center for antepartum (before delivery) testing and monitoring, preterm labor, natural or epidural-managed childbirth, induction or Cesarean section, the staff is well-equipped to care for you and your baby. Each birthing suite has a fetal monitor for physicians and nurses to monitor your baby's heartbeat and your contraction pattern. We offer birthing balls and birthing bars for natural childbirth. We also provide portable fetal monitoring devices if you'd like to walk around during labor.

Several options are provided to families requiring Cesarean section deliveries to promote minimal family separation; skin-to-skin and breastfeeding initiation; and a calm, personalized atmosphere. Families may choose to elect or omit any of the following. Please keep in mind the health and safety of you and your baby is our first priority. If, at any time, it is deemed medically necessary, some or all of these options may not be available.

  • Your support person may sit and comfort you as your spinal anesthesia line is placed.
  • Your support person and baby will stay with you until it is time for transfer to the recovery room. At this time, your support person will walk to the recovery room with your baby, while you are rolled in your hospital bed.
  • As soon as medically possible following delivery, your baby will be placed skin to skin with you on your chest to aid in temperature stabilization, bonding, and initiation of breastfeeding.
  • You may breastfeed as soon as your baby is showing signs of readiness.
  • You may bring your iPod or iPhone with the music of your choice to play through our speakers during your entire time in the operating room.
  • You may request to have the lights in the room dimmed.

For more information on obstetrics at Vail Valley Medical Center, please call the Women & Children's Center at (970) 479-7181.