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BabyExpecting parents and their families are encouraged to read our frequently asked questions about the labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum stages of childbirth.



When should I sign up for childbirth classes?

You should plan to have completed your childbirth classes by 36 weeks, which means you should be calling to register by the end of your sixth month.

Who should attend childbirth classes with me?

Classes are designed to educate and prepare both the pregnant woman and her partner/support person for labor and parenthood. Grandparents are also welcome to attend.

This is my second baby. Are there any classes that I should take?

We offer a one-hour Sibling Class every month, which is designed to prepare the sibling for the arrival of the new family member. Parents are also welcome to take a refresher course - we would recommend our Fast Track class, which replaces the traditional four-week class with two sessions. For a full list of class offerings, visit our Women & Children's Classes page.

I am hoping for a natural birth. Are there any classes that will help prepare me?

Yes, the four-week Childbirth Class discusses the birthing process with and without medications. We also offer a Natural Childbirth Class, which should be taken in addition to the Childbirth Class. Techniques such as massage, movement, rhythmic breathing, aromatherapy, visualizations and music are discussed. This seminar also reviews laboring positions, as well as the second stage of pushing positions taught in the Childbirth Classes. In addition, the Fast Track class touches on coping mechanisms during labor. A full list of class offerings can be found on our Women & Children's Classes page.

I am having a planned C-section. Should I still take any childbirth classes?

Yes, we recommend that couples take two out of the four classes in our four-week Childbirth Class. One class specifically covers epidural and Caesarean birth, and the last class of the series includes a lesson on baby care and parenting. Another option is to take the second Fast Track class of the two-week series, which discusses Caesarean births.

Does the hospital offer any parenting classes?

Our Baby Care Class is offered once/month. This two-hour class is meant for expecting parents or parents who have just had their baby(ies). Class topics include general care, weight loss and gain, sleep patterns, skin care, umbilical cord care, circumcision care, bathing, nail care, special winter and summer care and baby's environment at home. This class may also be of interest to grandparents. In addition, Baby & Me is a great opportunity to meet other parents, develop friendships, talk about babies' milestones, discuss breastfeeding or other concerns and celebrate triumphs. Full descriptions of our class offerings can be found on the Women & Children's Classes page.

I will have several family members in town around my due date. Can they attend my birth?

It is a couple's decision regarding how many people they would like to have in their labor room. In case of Caesarean section, there is only one support person allowed in the operating and recovery rooms.

Are there any visitation hours that my family and friends should consider?

The Women & Children's Center does not set visitation hours. Visitors are allowed throughout the day and in the evening. However, we provide "Quiet Time" daily for our patients from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. This enables the family to rest together uninterrupted and focus on feeding and bonding. We encourage all visitors to plan their visit at other times of the day.

Can my friend's children come to visit my new baby?

Children may visit the Women & Children's Center; however, during flu or RSV season, for the health of all of the babies and recovering mothers, only siblings of the new baby are allowed to visit.

Does the hospital have a lactation consultant and breastfeeding education?

Yes, lactation consultants and nurses are available to visit new mothers and their babies during their hospital stay. Moms can also visit a lactation consultant after discharge by appointment if any difficulties arise. Breast pumps are available for rent if needed. And we offer a Baby and Me support group weekly in Edwards to prepare mothers (and their partners) for the choices and possible challenges of feeding and caring for their newborn(s). Visit our Events Calendar for dates. In addition, new moms can call our lactation line with any questions or concerns at (970) 479-MILK.

Is there any paperwork that I need to fill out for the hospital before my due date?

It is helpful to pre-register with the hospital prior to going into labor. Print and fill out a Pre-Registration Form (pdf) or request a copy from your doctor or midwife. Completed forms can be submitted to the Admission Department at VVMC. Please bring your ID and insurance card to sign a consent form for you and your baby.

If I want an epidural, will I have to wait for an anesthesiologist if the hospital is busy?

Anesthesiologists are on call for patients in the Women & Children's Center and are given a 30-minute response time once they are paged.

After my baby is born, who will be checking on his/her health?

At The Women & Children's Center, neonatal nurse practitioners are master's degree prepared nurses with expertise in the care of infants. They work closely with our pediatricians and nurses to ensure that all infants receive the best care during their stay at the hospital.

What if my baby is born early or needs extra medical attention?

The Women and Children's Center has a Level II Nursery, which is equipped to handle most babies born after 32 weeks or full-term babies who have health concerns or illnesses. Our Level II Nursery, including the neonatal nurse practitioners, lessen the likelihood that your newborn will need to be transported to a Level III facility if complications arise.