Childbirth Team

Women & Children's CenterVail Valley Medical Center's childbirth team includes obstetricians, pediatric hospitalists, neonatal nurse practitioners and registered nurses.

Registered Nurses
The nurses of the Women & Children's Center are experienced in caring for antepartum (before delivery), laboring, postpartum (after delivery) and C-section patients, as well as full-term infants and infants in the Level II Nursery. Many of our staff members have obtained nursing certifications to establish their level of expertise in the care of women and infants. Our nurses carry advanced nursing certifications, demonstrating passion and dedication for perinatal nursing.

Neonatal Nurse Practitioners (NNPs)
The Women & Children's Center's NNPs are master's degree prepared nurses with expertise in the care of infants. They are available 24/7 to assist in the care of infants who require additional attention with oxygen, IV therapy, antibiotics, medications and other measures. They work closely with our pediatricians and nurses to ensure that these infants receive the best care, and they are an invaluable resource in keeping the Level II Nursery functioning optimally.

Pediatric Hospitalists
Vail Valley Medical Center's on-call pediatric hospitalists are available 24/7 to care for infants in the Women's and Children's Center. The primary focus of these board certified physicians is the care of hospitalized children. They coordinate all aspects of a child's care while at VVMC and provide an experienced, consistent health care approach with ongoing communication and organized discharge/follow-up planning for the referring physician. For more information, visit our Pediatric Hospitalist page.

Obstetricians and family practice physicians from Colorado Mountain Medical care for antepartum (before delivery), laboring, and postpartum (after delivery) patients. Together, they provide 24/7 coverage for pregnant and postpartum women.