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Bike2015 smlWhile Vail is recognized world-wide for its year-round recreational activities, Vail Valley Medical Center is known locally for being one of the area's largest employers. At the base of North America's number one ski mountain, VVMC has been providing care to the local and surrounding communities since 1965. With internationally known orthopaedic and sports therapy practices, emergency and trauma services in three convenient locations throughout the Valley, highly accredited regional cancer care, a birthing center that performs an average of 600 deliveries/year, elite surgical services and many more general and specific health services, VVMC employs motivated professionals seeking a challenging and rewarding health care career.

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We encourage you to learn more about a career at VVMC by navigating this section of our website and hearing from employees who have committed 5-25+ years of service to VVMC (see videos below).

Just Culture
Vail Valley Medical Center has formally adopted “Just Culture” principles for achieving a culture in which frontline personnel feel comfortable disclosing errors - including their own - while maintaining professional accountability.

Traditionally, health care’s culture has held individuals accountable for all errors or mishaps that befall patients under their care. By contrast, a Just Culture recognizes that individual practitioners should not be held accountable for system failings over which they have no control. A Just Culture also recognizes many individual errors represent predictable interactions between human operators and the systems in which they work. However, in contrast to a culture that touts “no blame” as its governing principle, a Just Culture does not tolerate conscious disregard of clear risks to patients or gross misconduct (e.g. falsifying a record, performing professional duties while intoxicated).

A Just Culture recognizes that competent professionals make mistakes and acknowledges that even competent professionals will develop unhealthy norms (shortcuts, “routine rule violations”), but has zero tolerance for reckless behavior.

VVMC informally practiced Just Culture for a number of years and has taken the extra step of implementing a formal approach for investigation and follow-up of situations that could have caused harm (regardless of the actual outcome). At VVMC, it is our aim that:

  • Adverse events/near misses are reported without fear
  • Reported events are investigated following Just Culture principles and methodology
  • Systems issues are identified and corrected
  • Staff are held accountable, based on their behavioral choices and their ability to do the right thing (not outcome biased)
  • Through the adoption of this approach, VVMC is a safer place for patients and employees alike
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VVMC Employees Celebrate 25+ Years of Service & Excellence

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VVMC Employees Celebrate 5-20 Years of Service & Excellence

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