Intern For A Day

Intern for a Day participants receive a unique insider's view into cancer diagnosis and treatment from medical professionals at Shaw Regional Cancer Center. Through a behind-the-scenes tour of the cancer center, interns learn how treatment planning for radiation occurs, how diagnostic equipment works and how the entire cancer care team collaborates for the benefit of each patient. One participant commented, "I certainly hope I never need your expertise, but if I do, I would feel confident that I would receive the best care - medically, emotionally and physically."

The tour usually takes about three hours.

March 2014 Interns   February 27 Graduates (left to right): Peggy Carey, Amy Klunzinger, Joanne Henritze, Nicola McGill, Mary Vaughn, Erin Allen, Larry Kunkle, Jack Eck, MD, Howard Rothenberg, MD
December 2013   December 5 Graduates (left to right): Colleen Widlak, Jessica Smith, Peggy Carey,  Jack Gardner, Kelly Dantas, Howard Rothenberg
October 2013 Interns   September 26 Graduates (left to right): Peggy Carey, VP of Oncology; Peggy Nicholls, newest member of the Shaw Outreach Team; Christine Copertino; Erika Madsen; Dr. Howard Rothenberg, Dr. Jack Eck
AugustInterns   August 1 Graduates - Arrowhead Alpine Club members (left to right): Dan Gallagher; Cherry Gallagher; Jane Hall; Jack Eck, MD; Stephanie Darrohn; Bill Baxter; Dian Baxter; and Peggy Carey, VP of Oncology.


NovemberInterns   November 15 Graduates (left to right): Holly Velvis; Marisa Aguilar; Jonathan Brownlee; Hollie Hawkins; Houston Perkins; Peggy Carey, VP of Oncology; Howard Rothenberg, MD; Doug Dodd; Jennifer Wright; Brenda Roderick; Terri Reichert and Jack Eck, MD.


October Interns   October 25 Graduates (left to right): Tina Vardaman; Peggy Carey, VP of Oncology; Rick Smith, SVP of Human Resources; Heather Hughes; Lori Pohl; Kathleen Eck; Fred Bush; John Tyler; Carroll Tyler; Howard Rothenberg and Jack Eck, MD.
September2012   September 26 Graduates (left to right): The following stylists from local salons and spas participated in Intern for a Day in preparation for Pretty in Pink and to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Carrie Unthink with DreamingTree Salon & Spa; Peggy Carey, VP of Oncology; Leigh Tarrant with Fusion Hair Studio; Diana Baker with High Altitude Spa; Raenette Johnson with Kuttin Korner; Christine Albertson, Community Relations Manager and Jack Eck, MD.
August2012   August 23 Graduates (left to right): Margaret Brammer, Cecilia Bemis, Alyssa Larson, Margot Welch, Byron Morris
July2012   July 26 Graduates (left to right): Cheryl Lindstrom, Paige Cregon, Peggy Carey, Linda Gilles, Gail Nash, Howard Rothenberg, MD and Jack Eck, MD.
May2012   May 24 Graduates (left to right): Joyce Nielsen, Jim Nielsen, Peggy Carey, Worth Witley, Christine Albertson, Val Wolfe, Ron Wolfe, Ethan Moore, Jack Eck, MD and Doug Smith.
February23.2012   February 23 Graduates (left to right): Jack Eck, MD, Susan Talucci, Lynn Blake, Gail Flesher and David Portman.
February1.2012   February 1 Graduates included media from Summit & Eagle County newspapers (left to right): Kristin Anderson, Jack Eck , Cathy Ethington, Scott Miller, Kathryn Corazzelli, Patrick Connolly and Lindsay Warner.
January2012   January 26th Graduates (left to right): Dick Woodrow, Marcy Woodrow, Andrea Glass, Sigi Gray, Doug Gray, Colleen Widlak, Peggy Carey, Dr. Jack Eck and Dr. Howard Rothenberg.