Mobile Medical Training

Mobile Sim Lab

To improve health care within Vail Valley Medical Center as well as throughout the state of Colorado, VVMC's Mobile Medical Training Lab travels the central Rockies using Human Simulators to teach and practice current treatment methods through hands-on training in a risk-free environment. Through the use of simulation, our Clinical Educators are able to create high-risk, low-frequency medical events and assist training teams to utilize best practices.

To bring VVMC's Mobile Medical Training Lab to your facility or program, please contact Simulation Educator Mary Hinz at


Mobile Sim Action Shot

Clinical Educators create scenarios and guide training teams as they learn. A technician controls Human Simulators to show realistic symptoms and react to treatment. Our Human Simulator "family" includes a pregnant women, adult male, child, baby and newborn.

  • Eyes can blink, cry and react to light.
  • Hearts beat and provide pulse and blood pressure.
  • The Human Simulators are able to receive medication and medical treatments and respond appropriately.  

Clinical Education Team Hosts Cut Suit Training
Vail Valley Medical Center was one of the first hospitals to use "cut suits" made by Strategic Operations for one of the most advanced and collaborative community emergency trainings ever performed. Typically used for military training, the cut suits were worn by actors and were extremely realistic. The simulation began at Ford Park with a shooting and involved the response of nine different entities, including special operations, fire, police, paramedic, and hospital groups. Physicians, nurses and staff at VVMC participated in the full assessment and real-time surgeries of the victims. The training was invaluable.