Breast Imaging

BreastImagingBergaSonnenalp Breast Center provides the most sophisticated technology available in the Rocky Mountains for breast imaging and diagnosis of breast cancer. Our knowledgeable and compassionate breast radiologists and mammography technologists provide the best care and expertise to guide patients in the pursuit of breast health.
We’re excited offer 3D mammography – an extraordinary technology that lets your doctor see breast tissue in a way never before possible. 3D mammography is the most exciting advancement in breast cancer detection in over 30 years, showing breast tissue in very thin, clear layers – like pages in a book. This level of clarity makes it hard for breast cancer to hide – saving lives and reducing the need for follow-up imaging.  Sonnenalp was an early adopter of 3D mammography with breast density software in Colorado. Schedule your annual 3D mammogram by calling (970) 569-7690.