Employee Housing

Vail Valley Medical offers subsidized housing to employees who either are relocating to the Vail Valley or being hired as a seasonal employee. VVMC subsidizes housing to reduce the out-of-pocket costs and to help get employees familiar with the Vail area.


Who is eligible for seasonal housing?

Eligibility for VVMC's employee housing benefit during the period of employment is determined during the recruitment and hiring process.

Where would I live?

VVMC's housing is shared housing and there are a limited number of beds available. Units are located throughout the community, all within call distance of the hospital.

VVMC does offer pet friendly units, but they are very limited. One pet is allowed per employee and only for seasonal and relocated employees. VVMC does not allow travelers or temp employees to have pets.

In order to bring a pet, VVMC requires all carpets and upholstery to be professionally cleaned upon departure from the unit. 

Are the units furnished?

All units are partially furnished with queen size beds and basic furniture. The kitchens are stocked with basic utensils and kitchen appliances. Linens and toiletries are the employee's responsibility.

Are there washers and dryers?

All units have a laundry facility on-site or within the unit.

What is the rent?

The subsidized rent for VVMC's employee housing is $550/month per person, and is payroll deducted. Utilities provided include heat, electricity and standard cable television; if utilities exceed the listed amounts (Xcel $100.00, Holy Cross $85.00, and Comcast $63.00), the employee will cover the difference.

Is there a security deposit?

A non-refundable processing fee ($150.00) and security deposit ($100.00) are due at the time of signing an employee lease agreement. We accept all major credit cards and checks to cover the security deposit and processing fee.

Although we absorb most of the financial burden customarily required to set up a seasonal household, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has determined that any form of subsidy is considered income to the employee. The result is that we are required to report the difference between the rent we pay for a unit and the $550/month for employee rent as taxable income to the employee during occupancy. Please confer with a tax advisor to determine any potential personal effect.


If you have any questions regarding the housing program or area accommodations, please call VVMC's Property Manager and Housing Coordinator at (970) 477-5195.