Guest Testimonials

JacksPlace.YogaWhat an amazing place! My friends called it "Spa Cancer Center." If you have to go through treatment and be away from home, Jack's is a great place to be. The staff could not have been more helpful. If Jack's Place were not here, I most likely would have done my treatment in Denver where I could stay with family.

Jack's made all the difference in the world! It provided a safe and very beautiful and comfortable sanctuary in which to rest and nest during my treatments. It has also been a place of community in which we're all going through the same treatments, can share experiences and support each other. I LOVE this home away from home!

Words cannot describe my gratitude. What a comfort-physical, mental and emotional-to know that we have a kind and comfortable place to lay our heads at the end of the day. Thank you so very much! You were wonderful.

What an amazing and wonderful experience! The gracious and caring staff made us feel welcome and reassured and encouraged! They handled evening needs (sheets, toiletries, made dinner at night and invited us to participate - very kind and efficient). The beds were so comfortable, so nice to view the mountains - just a lovely experience of which we've been informing our Steamboat friends already. Thanks and God bless you!

What a lovely respite from the driving. Not that it's that far from Carbondale, just far enough to be a trip and rack up gas and mileage. I can't say enough regarding this place. Thank you all.

It would have been exhausting to travel back and forth to Aspen daily. I was able to heal both body and spirit here in a relaxed, comfortable and welcoming environment. Thank you to everyone at Jack's Place.